I'm here thanks to "toxic" ad

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  1. After 30 years of Gillette carts i have decided to give them the middle finger after the infamous "toxic masculinity" ad of last january. Since then i have been using wilkinson hydro5 and dorco 6 plus (very good razors, believe me) and also started using wilkinson classic (with good results shimming it) while waiting for Amazon to deliver my new parker 26c! Hope to exchange tips and ideas on wet shaving here! Never again Gillette!!!!✊

    26c.jpg IMG_20190306_123659.jpg PSX-20190318-143505.jpg wilkinson classic.jpg
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  2. Holyzeus

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    Welcome to the money pit
  3. p.b

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    Welcome. The Parker is a great razor.
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  4. Pat-W

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    Hello and welcome to ATG .
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    Hello and welcome :) P.
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  6. yes i can't wait to test the 26c as soon as it arrives from amazon! A friend of mine told me it's even better than his R41 on his beard!!
    Anyway, believe it or not..i have been able to have a very close shave with a Bic platinum on my wilkinson classic. Already better than the 2 mulltiblades i have (dorco and hydro5). The dorco 6 keep up wery well anyway. It's a very good razor and very underestimated in the cartridge world. I have been able to always get BBS with that Korean cart razor. For me muche better than gillette and the carts cost ahlf the gillette overpriced ones
  7. MPH

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    Welcome! :)
  8. motto

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    Welcome to ATG !
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to ATG.
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    Welcome to ATG
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    Welcome to the new shaving adventure
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    Welcome to ATG :welcome:
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