If Wayne Was a Razor...

Discussion in 'Recreation, Hobbies & Interests' started by Steve Bowles, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Steve Bowles

    Steve Bowles Forum GOD!

    which one would he be? I'm thinking BIC disposable. :wink:
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  2. Sausage

    Sausage Forum GOD!

    Name Wayne reminds me of John Wayne who was very masculine and always BBS so I think Wayne must be something like open comb and stainless.
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  3. Grishnak

    Grishnak Guru

    ..........I’m not sure..........maybe the Ironing videos will shed some light........
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  4. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    Wolfman fits his avatar :)
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  5. Grishnak

    Grishnak Guru

    Let’s hope it’s Wolfman and not Venus
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  6. Wayne

    Wayne Forum Sod

    If I were a razor I'd be an ATT M1. Alright but not really worth talking about and there are much better more popular models around.
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  7. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Obviously modern, sleek and outstanding performance. Thinking Rockwell Model T.
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  8. Grishnak

    Grishnak Guru

    Not sure I can agree.
    Honest, efficient, reliable and popular here.
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