Ice scraper


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I do whack on all the heated options when in the car; windscreen, back, side mirrors and seats. But the windscreen takes some time with heavy frost. Used to use a de-icer spray, but let's just say that I punctured the can once and looked like a dick. Bought a plastic ice scraper from Halfords which was ok but by the time your done you have frostbite :) yes I know ice is cold. Probably doesn't help that I give myself about 20 minutes to rush to work. I'm thinking speed and efficiency....blowtorch...boom :wink:


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Pick up your wipers and stick a piece of cardboard over the window.
Or like my dad used to say:
Use a credit card and a mitten, thats what they were invented for.


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I keep a spray bottle filled with one-third water and two-thirds 90% isopropyl alcohol in my car. Spray the windows with this mixture and then scrape with a regular ice scraper. Works like a charm here in Canada.