How to remove tarnish from copper and brass without metal polish


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Still waiting on the wax to arrive, I tried to protect the handle with one of those WD40 Pros, I believe it's silicone rust protection kind. Applied, let it dry about 12 hours, wiped off the excess.. Better than nothing, but it didn't work. The handle tarnished in the next 24 hours. Fun and games.... 😁


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Although..... This image I received from Steve a little while ago, really makes me question whether I want to pursue the bright, shiny polish.View attachment 57468View attachment 57470
It does look good, I wonder if that's built up over time or if it's a chemical finish that's been distressed, ether way it's very nice.
I was thinking about the blue green patina you can create on copper with the right solutions , that would look fab too! P.