How to reduce dark circles under the eyes?


Whenever I try something like this, I would do one eye only, just to see if it is really the cream working or maybe my diet or sleep pattern had done the work. (Or Placebo).

A lot of stuff doesn’t work, for example, the doctor gave me a suppository and told me to chuck it up my back passage every night.
We don’t have a back passage, but we do have a passage up the side of the house, so I chucked it up there.
For the good it did I might as well have shoved it up my bottom!
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If you still have the Aloe Vera Gel mix a spoonfull with some grated Cucumber. Put it on your eye bag area and chill for half an hour whilst you listen to something soothing on the turntable. Give it a go pal.


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More water and some good moisturising cream for under eyes. I won't recommend anything, many products with caffeine will do the job.


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Just reviving an old thread.

Did anyone find anything that actually helped reduce dark circles under the eyes?


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Some Natura Siberica Eagle Eye Cream for under eyes seem to help.

I read somewhere that reducing smoking or drinking alcohol is another way to avoid dark circles. I don't really believe it, but... Who knows..

You need something light there because in this area the skin is very delicate and cannot really absorb a heavier cream.
It is important not to rub with your hands this area at all.


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I spent years not being able to sleep properly and what worked for me was cutting out caffeine, I’m now down to no more than two cups of coffee a day and both of those before 12pm. The withdrawal sucked but I’m through that now and am getting the best sleep I’ve ever had, which has made it easier to deal with the day without coffee.