How to reduce dark circles under the eyes?


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I know the best cure for reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes is sleep but failing that.....

Has anyone got any recommendations for eye cream? Nothing mega expensive maybe around £20.00 mark? Or other advice on reducing dark circles under the eyes?

(Knackered) Rob :okay::cool::blackeye:


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Sorry to hear of your not sleeping. Do you have access to a foundation cream or something with colour? Take a teeny tiny amount and distribute under your eye. Use little enough and it's hardly discernible to anyone beyond a couple of feet away.


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Hi Halvor,
I’ve never sleep well TBH. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. I'll have a look in my make-up bag.:blush::wink:


Green Tea Bags - dip in ice cold water - then apply to the eyes for 10-15 mins - repeat daily.

Or make a stash of these -

Cucumber juice - extract - soak cotton wool pads - pop in a freeze bag and into your freezer - apply for 10-15

Hydration, as already mentioned, is supposed to be a key factor also.


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I have dark eyes due to lack of sleep and crap sleeping patterns. Due to this I hammer the coffee, if I take a break then they do reduce.
I think diet also effects it to, as with a health kick they reduce too.
Most of the time the diet goes outta the window and hammer the coffee.


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Used to be able to get an Indian cream called fair and lovely. Works instantly but runs in the rain/sweat if applied too heavy, embarrassing moment in a club when at uni. Fade out cream from your pharmacy is similar.