How smooth is your Charcoal Goods razor?


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Now that the antique finish is starting to wear off exposing the raw brass, I'm losing the out of the box smoothness when shaving. At first I thought it might be down to sub-par lather so I switched up and bowl lathered this morning. Still not getting the same smoothness as before. Will try changing the blade next. Anyone else having the same experience?


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No +1. My goal was keep the antique patina and apply the Renaissance Wax. My goal was not always met and head could get shiny. Still a really smooth razor.


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No issues, here.
It could be possible that the patina was, somehow, contributing to the 'smoother' shave that you noticed.
I have always found my Weber DLC (diamond-like-coating) to be smoother then the ARC and the PH which don't have any coating.
Good luck resolving the issue.


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Thanks everyone. Don't get me wrong it is still very smooth, just not as smooth.

I'm not bothering to preserve the antique patina and like the brass showing through.