How often do ( or don't ) you shave?


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A few years back, it was clean-shaven every day because SO at the time said scruff irritated her sensitive skin. I am suspicious today if that was in fact true and not just her preferences.

Today its whenever and whatever I feel like sporting goes. Short beard or tamed scruff, but most times its clean shaven 3-4 times a week.

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With a cart and goo it used to be once a week, at best. Since changing over to traditional safety razors I shave daily, there was a few months where I solely used straights and had to limit myself to every 3 days or so as I find shaving 24 hours growth with a straight to be bloody tedious/pointless.


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Every 2-3 days. While the desire to shave daily may be there, the need and the time required to do so often is not.


I shave once or twice a week. There are a few reasons for that:
  • My skin needs to recover after a shave. While my face would probably tolerate daily shaving (or at least every other day), my neck wouldn't.
  • There's actually a practical advantage to having a bit of stubble (at least if your stubble feels like sandpaper which is the case for me). It's great for getting rid of an itching hand/wrist/forearm. This might sound funny, but it's come in handy so many times for me.
  • I think a bit of stubble looks good on me.
Sometimes I wish I could shave more often because I have so many nice soaps and aftershaves, but for the reasons mentioned above it isn't possible.

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Every day for work and pretty much every other day. I used to not bother a lot of weekends when I was 'carting' but now I actually enjoy it, I don't want to miss out :D

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Used to be daily, plus touch up in the evening if I had plans for the night, now with a full beard I shave neckline daily and twice a week would be enough but I like my daily routine with the straight razor too much.


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I'm required to shave for work and I have an odd schedule. I work two or three days and then off two or three. My first day on I do a regular three pass shave WTG/XTG/ATG. My second and third day on (if working three) I'll just do a one pass WTG possibly two pass WTG/XTG with touch ups. I don't generally shave on my days off.