How many shaves?


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Hi guys I have aquired a 1912 pat. Ever ready razor, just wondering how many shaves you get from a gem blade.
I can get 8 shaves from my ATT SE1 using a schick proline blade.


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I keep a GEM PTFE running for up to a fortnight - around 10 shaves - and palm strop every few uses. They die off in a very different way to DE blades.


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I only use Personna GEM PTFE coated blades and can get about 14 days out of a blade doing 4 pass shaves daily. They last phenomenally longer than any DE blade I have tried.


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When, in rotation, I use my Ever-Ready Shovel Head 1924 Single Edge SE Safety Razor Vintage with GEM Personna SE, Iusually get 6 shaves.
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Just finished my 10th GEM Stainless blade for my Micromatic Open Comb. I got about 15 shaves out of each. shortest was 6 but I must have done something to it as that was the only exception. other than that 12 was the lowest, and todays 19th shave was one shave too many, not horrible just not nearly as comfortable.

Generally shaves 3 or 4 through 10 or 11 are the best, and then it just kind of gradually fades away into gentle tugging and mild razor burn.

Gotta say using the GEM MMOC with a stainless blade is the most comfortable shave Ive come across. especially in the sweetspot of the blade.


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I usually get 10 shaves from Blackland Vector + Schick Proline blades, shaving every 3 days approximately (3 passes).