How many post ...

... are required before I can get going on the BST? There was a brush for sale which I think I may have missed anyway, but I will be better prepared next time!



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I think you are still awaiting the 28days time period to elapse too... A couple of days and you should automatically be promoted. If not post back here and I will do it manually for you..


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Hello, for some reason I don't have the rights to write anymore in Sell & Buy section
Is it something I am doing wrong?


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My question is when I will become a forum Sod or God?
How many posts?

I would also like to be some time a staff member. Is it possible?


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We updated the rules following a scamming incident a while back. If you used to have permission and no longer have, pm me (or another mod) or ask in the contact the staff forum...