How do you store your straight razors?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors (SR)' started by Rusty Blade, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. I have a collection of around 70-80 straight razors. Most are vintage razors that I have restored and honed. I store my SRs in 7-day felt rolls. I keep them in a tote box with a large desiccant pack. I don't oil them before I store them. I take out a different roll once in a while and refresh the old roll before it goes back into storage. How do you store your straight razors?
  2. R181

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    I have, at a guess, 40 0dd straight razors. They are stored unoiled in converted wooden silverware boxes. Those I find at different junk stores. The house is heated in winter and air conditioned in summer so high humidity has not been a problem so far touch wood. All is well so long as the razors are thoroughly dried before being place in storage after use.

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  3. JayGee

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    South Wilts.
    I have 12 razors now & my work is away from home.
    At home 11 are kept in a tin box, oiled, wrapped in oiled paper with silica gel dry packs.
    Each week I pick a different razor, this one in regular daily use is allowed to air dry after a hot water rinse/ wipe with tissue, stropped & put into a microfibre sock. Stropped, oiled & back in the tin for the weekend.
    So far, no issues.
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  4. JamieM

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    I keep my 14 razors in a purpose made custom case, my aftercare stropped after shaving then I wipe the razor down using a silicone spray and microfibre cloth, I store them in a living room draw.

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  5. Jarvis

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    I limit myself to only 7 straight razors and keep it in a custom made box below. I enjoy all 7 of my razors and it’s nice to be able to use each of them once a week.


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  6. Britva

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    Planet Earth
    I’d like to know if there is a good European alternative to the American WD40 Specialist Long term corrosion prevention please. Anyone?

    I have to do some research into the Würth line of products, still...
  7. JamieM

    JamieM Forum GOD!

    Yes Silicone spray it's a much better option than WD40, it's petroleum neutral you can spray it on wood horn plastic it's perfect, that's all I've ever used never had a single mark on my razors.
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  8. Up until I moved recently my collection of razors was kept in a glass fronted cabinet housed just outside my shower room. I’ve never found it necessary to use silica packs or any type of lubrication on the blades to keep them in tip-top condition. Once used, I dry them on the same towel I use to dry myself and then strop on a piece of Kangaroo which is impregnated with a drop of Ballistol oil. Having done this for a few years it seems to work because I’ve yet to find any water marks on my razors or signs of edge deterioration.
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  9. Britva

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    Thank you @jamie, on my shopping list :)

    @UKRob, I pretty much find the same is true for my razors in my current living environment.

    For people with humidity issues, large fluctuations of temperature, or perhaps a case of deteriorating set of celluloid scales, or a rusty razor in your box, know that those silicone bags won’t protect you, when it comes to real, strong causes of rust.

    The only sure way is:

    1. Good, preferably long lasting lubricant, as Jamie suggested and

    2. VDI paper, that wraps your entire blade and sits with it between the scales.

    I am talking loooong term here, not a week or a month, but years. Especially true, and hopefully valuable for people with very large collections. Even with all this, regular check ups will be required.
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  10. Yes, regardless of your storage method a good visual inspection every now and then is a good idea. Certainly won't hurt, and it will give you an opportunity to admire your collection!
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  11. lloydrm

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    Silicon impreganted sock works well for extreme humidity conditions.
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  13. DudeAbides

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    Califas, USA
    Love it, who made it?
  14. Sid James

    Sid James ...


    I like to look at them
  15. That’s a work of art Sid. Like you, I had mine on display and, to me, that’s a big part of the enjoyment - just seeing them in pristine condition, whether they are used regularly or not is secondary.
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