Headphones - Which ones do you use?


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Bose Soundsport, most comfortable in-ear headphones that I've ever tried and I can hear what's going on around me.

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For home use I currently have AKG-K701 fed from a Schiit headphone amp. I've had Grado RS1, Sen HD600, B&W P5, Beyer DT990 & Denon AH-D2000... Cant go wrong with any of them to be honest, well apart from the B&W which for me are more style over substance but probably fine for most people.

For portable use I have some cheapies, Beyerdynamic DTX100, sound fantastic for £20 or so.


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Sennheiser HD 598 - good old fashioned wired for me!

It is, however, interesting to see how far wireless has come on, albeit I've yet to try any wireless headphones that come anywhere near the sound quality of a decent wired set.
I have a set of these myself and they are great. I also agree that wired are better than wireless.
Bose.. no idea of the model. They have a fancy background noise cancelling thing and bluetooth and all that.
Plus they have a fancy pants case as well! Also.. when I am wearing them I sometimes pretend I am a famous DJ or flying a helicopter with the A team and we've just rescued some supermodels from a crack team of baddies.

Anyway.. here's a picture..hope it helps:



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I have a pair of Beats Bluetooth and they over the ear. Really good headphones!

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I've got a small collection of headphones but my favorites at the moment are my Sennheiser 540 ref golds .


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I used this thread a while back whilst trying to pick headphones, as long as lot of personal research.

For some reason I was always attracted to V-Moda headphones and since they came out I lusted after a pair. Well I bought the latest V-Moda Crossfade 2 and haven't been disappointed. Lovely wireless and wired with a real kick to them. Love em!