Has the BST had it?


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Has the BST section had it? I look virtually everyday to see what tempting items pop up, you never know what may appear but one thing is certain less and less items are selling, in fact it seems that less are selling than at any point I can remember. Unless you really are virtually giving something away it just is not shifting. Is this just happening here, or is it forum wide? I never go on TSR and hardly ever on other forums so do not know how theirs are doing but to me ours seems dead and buried.


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BST is pretty dead for me. Shaving stuff sells on eBay if you leave to long enough so that's my go-to site now.

It's still worth listing stuff on the BST just in case, but don't expect it to sell. I don't use TSR but I assume it's the same. Nobody buying in general, not even quality items.


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It’s your fault @Wayne.
Too much good advice saved me buying a string of razors, landed on all I need first purchase, kind PIFs gave me a wad of blades to get through.

I have three soaps and one cream on the go and can’t deal with more and don’t use smelly stuff, just a bit of balm.
Will grab another brush down the line and will get an occasional soap but love Wickhams Magnum and TOBS Sandlewood, the rest is practice and ritual - can’t ask or want more


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I listed a few soaps the other day, I was worried they wouldn't sell, but they sold fairly quickly.

I have a couple of brushes and a King Cobra to re-list soon. Let's see what happens.


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I’m selling two brushes for a shade under 51% of what it would cost to get one, used just once and supposedly the brushes of the moment.
That says a lot
Brexit probably isn’t that far of the mark, the forum’s going though a transition, plus it’s summer hols and a market that’s never been so saturated
Very very rarely pop over the other side and that BST is worse (and the forum as a whole)


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Times are changing, I think. This has been my observation on BST at TSN too.
Items seem to sit longer than they used to. I don't know if this is a result of increased variety/options in the marketplace or perhaps changing tastes.


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If something is new It generally shifts fairly quickly. Hope so anyway as I might be listing a ss charcoal soon
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I suspect the absence of Tapatalk may be contributing. Likewise I'm sure it's impacting on the number of posts too
I totally agree with this.

I’m really keen to support ATG but my usage has really changed as a result of not being able to collect all the posts I’m interested in such as what is for sale in a single feed. I really feel I’m missing loads of other interesting threads as well as I am unsure I am notified when I want to be....

Hopefully this is just a transition issue but I felt that the absence of Tapatalk has been a real problem for me from day one

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It's a trend but one that is far more prominent here than anywhere else I visit. Stuff is still selling fine on TSR, provided it's interesting and the price is fair of course. Likewise with Facebook and eBay (which is always a last resort!)

Sorry to be blunt but ATG has never been that great for selling stuff, we're mostly old hands here who know what we like and have a good stock of it already... Notable exceptions used to be high end badger brushes, stainless razors and US artisan software but we're so saturated now and newbies have no access to the classifieds so even these are sitting there indefinitely.


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Seems to me forums these days are mainly about getting likes Facebook style so BST - nah but SOTD - yes :)


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A lot of members put gear up for sale both here and elsewhere, is the general consensus that elsewhere is a better marketplace?