Happy New Year!


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Good afternoon/evening, Gentlemen.

Nancy and I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy one. For us, it's been a tad busy so far.

First, we've just gone live with our new website! There are still a few bugs in the Checkout and Contact processes; but they're being worked-on.

Secondly, we've reduced the prices on our Ebonite brushes by $20.00 simply because I've been able to turn and finish Ebonite brushes in less time than we'd budgeted for; so we're passing the savings along.

Finally, we've added a new section called "In the Workshop." We plan to use this space to offer some of the Limited and Special Edition brushes planned over the upcoming months and (just maybe) some one-off ideas we've been kicking around.

So check us out at www.bradsearsshaveworks.com

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Happy New Year Brad, hope it brings you and yours much happiness.