Hand made brushes


Eats steel for lunch
Those who follow me on Instagram know I fiddle with all things wet shaving. I generally restore straight razors as my main point of interest, but I need a break from it every once in a while. So thought these would be a good idea, for a change.

So having tried and owned some high end, very expensive brushes, as well as some more common ones, I realized I can’t settle for just any generic knot. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done (or at least it was about a year or two ago), but I eventually managed to get my hands on some loose badger hair.

So now, I can play with density, glue, lofts and what have you...

I’ll post some more as I get them done. Badgers are more interesting, but I did make a few synthetics as well.

I do quite enjoy working with the clay (black and porcelain), as the outcome is often unpredictable, resulting in beautiful, unique pieces. I don’t turn them myself, I don’t have the skills for that, but I provide designs and guidance... and a very strict QC hah!


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I follow you on Instagram and have followed these brushes when you have posted. Very nice work Sir.


Eats steel for lunch
Not many people can claim that they hand tie their own knots! Bravo! :notworthy:

I showed this to a friend, he said “Have you tried to tie a fan? I suppose the middle one should be it....”

I said “Stefan, they are all supposed to be fan!” [emoji23]

Thanks for the compliment, I do like all of them for their individual properties, but I am far from claiming I can tie knots properly hehe [emoji6]