Hamilton Khaki King


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A question for any watch aficionados out there. What are the opinions on the Hamilton Khaki King?



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I have a couple of modern Hamilton watches, including the Khaki Field automatic (42mm) which has the H-10 Swiss 80-hour movement. It's a hacking watch, and keeps very good time. It gains about 20 seconds a month, and is the date-only model.
I wear it most of the time, and I think I've had it about two years or so. It's had the occasional wetting, but I don't immerse it, as the crown isn't screw-down. The crystal has withstood a fair amount of abuse without scratching or marking.
All in all, it's a good watch, and although the prices seem to have risen somewhat since I bought mine, represents value for money. I should think the same can be said of the King auto, which is very similar to the Field, but has a day-date 80-hour movement.

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Just ordered


I have been wanting one for a few years and managed to convince Mrs Northam I need one to add to the other 16 watches ! Watches to me are things of beauty especially Automatics. She wasn’t as keen on this champagne dial and preferred the black version, but agreed it was very nice and up to me, what is she after ?