Haircut with fire!


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Politics and avocation* keep me from ethnocentric comment, especially considering equally, uh questionable behavior in my own society. I looked for some telltale clue as to nation without luck and morphological guesses with all the disheartening material and wardrobe uniformity would also be racist. It's just as well that insulting comedian Borat hasn't seen this one.

*footnote: several peoples have singed facial hair using slow burning and low temperature materials like grass bundles. Facial and long hair have often been culturally avoided for hygiene, combat and being able to communicate with body language and facial expressions when encountering different peoples.


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Do they lack scissors? Can we do a crowd-fund?
Don't think so, at one stage it looks like he has 3 pairs on the go.

Seriously though, what the feck is he doing?
Is he really trimming the hair by setting fire to it?


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Too much namby pambying about for my liking. I want a quick no nonsense haircut. This guy has the right idea