PIF Completed Gillette Tech PIF #2


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I've collected a few Gillette Techs in the last 18 months, but none of them really work for me. Decided to give away the Aluminium Techs that I've got along with some brushes & soap.

On offer in this PIF:
  • 1 Gillette AluTech in leather case. Never used it and not super pretty, but looks perfectly usable.
  • 1 Yaqi 24mm Plissoft brush
  • 1 sample of Southern Witchcrafts Autumn Ash from Maggards. Way too smokey for me, but hope someone else will enjoy it

Will leave this open until 23:59 next Thursday (the 5th). All I ask is that whoever wins pays P&P, around £3, I'd guess.
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Could I put my name forward?

Even though it's PIF, if I was lucky I'd PIF onto my cousin who's a DE shaver!