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Discussion in 'Double Edge Safety Razors (DE)' started by Z-2, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Z-2

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    This morning I`ve used my Gillette Rocket. I got it along with 2 other razors for £15 from ebay, and was curious how it will goes.

    When the razors arrived, I cleaned them carefully. I realized, that Rocket has little problem - losing the handle from base plate. It`s easy to re-crimp with screwdriver so, after that everything looks OK.

    I was in hurry today, and used canned goo. Some people hate it, but it works fine for me. Compared to 50s Super Speed, I think this Rocket shaves almost the same - mild. I am little disappointed, because my beard is tough and prefer more agressive razors. Even my Slim Adjustable on set 4 works better. As blade I used new Dorco Titan.


    What is your opinion? Similar like mine, or maybe some blades can improve the shave?
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  2. SweeneyTodd

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    I have a few Rockets, of which the most aggressive is an English Red Tip. However, compared to some other razors, it's quite mild; as I find are most TTO Gillettes.

    I get best results from Nacet blades.
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  3. SeanC

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    Blades at the sharper end of the spectrum will help. Aside from Nacet which has been mentioned, try Perma-Sharp, 7 O'clock Yellow, PSI or Personna Lab Blue

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  4. Z-2

    Z-2 Guru

    Ok, thanks guys ! I will try sharper blade :highfive: I have Polsilver and Gillette Platinum
  5. bambrit

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    I don't have the flair tip rocket but I have a regular rocket(63g) and 2 HD rocket's (57g &71g). The regular rocket is far too mild for my liking and I have tried the sharpest blades and shimming and just can't get it to work. The HD's on the other hand are definitely more aggressive, my go-to razors 99% of the time and on a slim adjustable, I would call the regular rocket a 1 and the HD's a 4-5.
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