Gillette Excelsior?

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After doing a search through the forum, I found nothing. Perhaps you might know something. What do you know of this set.
I believe this is an incorrect razor for this case...

I am not sure about this razor with this case, but certainly call it into question.
ebay-B&B example 1.jpg

I find it very difficult to think this razor when with this case either.
Case with wrong razor.jpg

The shipper for the Gillette Excelsior looks like this:



Late teens ~ early twenties Single ring silver plated, if the Gillette diamond on the inside of the lid had been gold then the razor would have been gold plated.

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The British logo (line instead of an arrow) was also introduced around 1913, this places the Excelsior after 1913. Gillette England went back to including the arrow as late as the early 30's. Gillette England moved from diamond logo to script logo some time in 1938.
This Mayfair, from 1921-28, uses a similar shipper.