Gentleman's Manicure Set.


In the market for a nail clipper, scissors and general odds & sods grooming set.
I've looked at Boker, Dovo and some laughably inexpensive/ eye wateringly expensive sets.
Ideally smallish in size for travel purposes.
Does anyone have experience of these sets and the quality of the tools?
Asking before I drop a wad on a useless piece of tat!

Dr Watson

The Other James
Can't really recommend a set unfortunately but will say after switching to Feather nail clippers (Parada) I'll never go back to anything else. Previously bought a Hans Kniebes Solingen 4 piece set for £30 (RRP £50 I recall) and the scissors arrived blunt, the whole kit felt like cheap cack so beware there is some rubbish out there.


Thanks @Dr Watson
There are certainly some good, bad and ugly sets out there.
I'll check out the Feather.
With a "Solingen" made kit, you would think you were buying quality gear.