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    39EDFBCC-C5ED-4772-9FDA-BE8FC801C105.jpeg Picked up a bottle of this new Pre Shave oil from Executive Shaving in Glasgow.

    Fuar Ach Snog which I believe is Scots Gaelic for cold but nice. Described as a “fresh and minty, all natural peppermint, grapefruit and lavender scented shaving preparation wash.”

    Retails at £14.50 for a massive 150 ml bottle, which is excellent value in comparison to many other pre shave oil’s.

    So onto the product itself, smells very pleasant, but not in any way over powering so won’t interfere with your shaving cream/soap. Cooling but don’t expect a big menthol like hit. Applied nicely, not too thick so won’t clog your razor and it’s water soluble. Perhaps created a lather like effect compared to some other Pre shave oils I have used but this disappated quickly.

    Well worth a try if you use Pre shave oils. I also notice that they now sell an accompanying Shaving cream and aftershave balm which I hope to try out soon.
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