Frustrated new head unit !

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Got a new stereo for Peugeot today, wanted Bluetooth and DAB. Purchased a cheap Pioneer. Purchased the adaptor and got home removed the old one. Put all the wires in and turned on, no sound.

So through a process of elimination I discovered that there can’t be the correct power. If I unplug the antenna the unit has no power, plug it in again powers up again, searches for stations etc, but no sound. So it must be drawing power off the powered antenna.

So I have a look in the fuse box and in there there’s an obvious aftermarket in line fuse holder, strange ? Looking at the plug that connected the old unit all the wires appear to of been cut and resoldered at some stage. Can’t see Peugeot soldering every single wire leading into a plug.

Now the guy at Halfords did say that the power in in Peugeot’s doesn’t always work and needs to be wired in. Should add the old unit was working so can’t blame the live feed.

So what the hell do I do now ? Where the heck do I wire in a live from ?

Northam Saint

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Complete and utter waste of time !

Turns out the car has an updated sound system, the sound goes through an amp. Having tried two adaptors and the tech at Halfords searching it appears there is no adaptor. The only solution would be a total rewiring job, which isn’t worth it. Also means the loss of parking sensors and the info screen. As I have tried to instal I would be getting no where on a refund. Wasted the money on a dab antenna which is stuck to the windscreen so no refund on that too. So looks like it’s ebay for what is a brand new head unit.

According to a Peugeot forum it is a known thing and the best work around for Bluetooth and DAB is a Pure unit. Oh well ! Never mind !
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To be honest I gave up upgrading head units YEARS ago, as they are so integrated now, it is just not worth the hassle... And the they pretty good from the factory...
Can you not upgrade to a better Peugeot unit?