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OK Guys another special ATG passaroud for you all.
I have managed to blag this for an exclusive ATG pass around - The Focus R48!
Many thanks to @Paul for putting up the razor!
Available from here:

Please read and agree to the following rules and remarks before joining the list:
If you are new to pass arounds, please read Here first.

The pass around is not limited.
I’ll restrict the pass around to members who have been around for a while; my discretion will be applied, so don’t apply with your first post!
UK based members only, unless the recipient agrees to cover the extra INSURED postage.
I reserve the right to move long standing members up in the list, so we get relevant feedback early on.
Please send the tracking number to the recipient and to me.
The razor is your responsibility from the moment you receive it until the next person receives it. You break it or lose it - you buy it.
If Royal Mail loses it, they’ll pay for it, but only if you have insured it!
Please send minimum Signed for to the value of the razor (£50).
Don’t hog the razor. A week (or two) should be enough time to form an opinion. If you know you are going to be unable to use the razor, ask to be moved down the list...
Let’s know what you think about the razor.

Please post you thoughts on this thread.
Make sure the razor is shave ready for the next person, i.e. cleaned and disinfected using for example Barbicide is cheap enough Here

I will include some blades; but, as it uses std DE blades there should be no worries of anyone not having any:happy:

Form an orderly queue here:
1. rowlers