flexball vs de razor

between the flexball power razor from gillette and those 1950s razors from gillette, which one would give a truly closer shave? do more blades truly mean a closer shave or not? would anyone happen to know since many of you guys say that de razors are somewhat better than modern blades..........?


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You pay's your money, you takes your choice.... it's different way of shaving 1 blade v 3*/4*/5* (*delete as appropriate) but I'll stick to the single blade....


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I get better results with a single blade, in fact I started with a DE after Googling “single blade razors”. I do not think that more blades make for a better shave and if I had to use a cart / disposable I’d be looking for the one with the fewest blades. I preferred the Gillette Sensor over the Mach 3 and the Mach 3 over the Fusion. None of them are as good as the Gillette Tech.


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I had to google "flexball" - never heard of the term or razor before. Might be a better question in the Cartridge forum/section.