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Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Training' started by p.b, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Finally, after several years of promising myself, I have started running in an effort to get fitter, manage stress and lose a couple of inches from my waist. A few people have mentioned getting a fitness tracker to provide motivation (as an engineer I love data and tracking changes etc.) so I’m thinking of getting one.

    I already wear a heavy metal wrist watch that I like the look of so I think I either want a small additional strap or maybe it’d be better to simply replace the watch with an attractive watch / tracker.

    Anyone here with experience / recommendations? Thanks, Paul.
  2. Thug

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    Johannesburg, RSA
    My personal preference would be a watch such as the Garmin Fenix 3 which should be available relatively cheapish since they've launched the Fenix 5.

    It looks good, you are able to download multiple different watch faces and it gives you plenty of metrics.

    Have a chat to @Rowlers as he has one.
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  3. I just use the standard app thing on my MP3 player for running and distance ect.. Girlfriend has a Garmin watch which I've used in the gym. I've worn it while doing heavy bag work and swimming without any issues. (It's compact and lightweight)
    It does everything you's also touchscreen. I think it may be an old version of a Vivosmart or Vivosport.
  4. Nishy

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  5. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    Strava is really good for recording distances/times etc and it uses segments so the run is broken down.
    My Garmin automatically loads down to Strava but I can use an App on the phone
    I have a Fitbit for heart rate etc, it would be nice for one watch to do both simultaneously
    A Garmin watch might
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  6. halvor

    halvor a most elusive fish

    I think you should choose whether to get something to wear 24/7 to monitor steps and sleep and what have you, vs a watch to put on for running and/or other sports. Some are multi sports, some are sports specific, and some are clear fitness trackers. Some include outdoors stuff, altimeter, barometer etc. What I mean is, what is your intended use?
  7. Driftwood

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    Garmin/Strava are excellent for tracking routes, data info and for motivational purposes. Fenix would suit you but starting around £400 fairly pricey, or an Edge 200 for £50 and keep in your pocket
  8. p.b

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    Good point.
    • Look good and feel well made
    • be a watch
    • Running tracker - GPS
    • sleep monitor
    • stress monitor
    • link to my phone (iPhone currently but may change)
    • provide activity statistics
    other than than I don't know.
  9. MrK1

    MrK1 Forum GOD!

    I took delivery of the new Samsung Galaxy watch a couple of weeks ago.

    I think it meets most of your requirements:
  10. p.b

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  11. Rowlers

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    It needs charged daily though? I'm out at that.
    Like @Thug suggests Garmin Fenix 3 are now cheap and AWESOME. On a stainless Steel/Titanium strap look dressy. Stick a a silicone strap on and it is light enough for running.
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  12. MrK1

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    Not sure about the other makes, but the Samsung has an option that allows the screen to be off and only comes on when you flick your wrist to look at the time.

    I had the previous model, the Gear S3 and that lasted about 36hours with this setting enabled.
    I used to pop it onto the charger as soon as I woke up and by the time I was ready to leave for work about 75mins later, it was fully charged. Not really a major inconvenience.

    Last week, I took the new one off charge on Tuesday, 7AM with 100% battery, didn't charge again, and by 10pm Friday, the battery was down to 36%.

    I can't vouch for how well the fitness tracking works, but it manages to track sitting on my arse doing bugger all quite well.
    It annoyingly tells me to get up and do something every now and then.
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  13. bambrit

    bambrit Forum GOD!

    I have a old version Garmin Vivofit2 that I've had for a while, is battery powered and so I use mainly as a watch, timer and to just track number of steps per day but often don't wear it and remove before bed so don't really take full advantage of or use it to set fitness goals.

    I go old school, daily written diary of activities, weigh-ins, fitness notes and future activities in a calendar that I can easily see what activities I have coming up, as well as past reference. Like all things, if it gets you motivated to be active, its all good but for me but doesn't bring anything new to my fitness regime.
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  14. nvlass

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    I have a Fenix 5 and is doing a good job as I have also the iPhone app and home I have their scale. Everything works smooth.
    The watch even reminds you that you sit a long time and is time to move.
  15. bambrit

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    Santa brought me a Fitbit Charge3 (special edition) last week. What a huge upgrade from my old Garmin Vivofit2.

    Especially like the specific workout trackers like the biking, walking, running, weights. Shows literally everything one would like to know about your GPS mapped route, heart rate measured every 3 seconds, speed, elevation, distance, estimated calories burned and more. Also has up to 7 days rechargeable lithium battery.

    At first, I was skeptical of the data, especially since the 2 year old Garmin Vivofit2 was so poor at proper tracking, so I matched it up a few days ago with a separate and fancy heart tracker at my athletic sports centre gym that looks like a high tech machine that you would likely find in a modern cardiologists office and it was practically matching heart beat for beat.

    The heart rate monitoring is amazing and tracks long term active heart rate, resting heart rate, highs and lows and Yes, I do take it off if amorous with my GF in the bedroom because it will accurately track such activity and well, it just creeps me out a little that its just that detailed that you can figure out on the online app your activity breakdowns and exactly when. I don't need my GF telling me I only lasted 10 minutes, when the app says 11.35 and man pride becomes a factor. :)

    The sleep monitor sounds equally fascinating. It detects sleep mode automatically and tracks your exact sleep mode patterns so it can help figure out how to get the best sleep. I haven't used it yet since I have to get used to wearing it to bed but as someone who has had awful sleep patterns their entire life, I am really looking forward to tracking it and seeing if it helps better manage a more restful night.

    I know I sound like a infomercial but I am truly blown away with this little gadget. I think its a game changer for people who want a better active lifestyle.

    Closing, it also does all the other modern watch stuff like tell the time, alarm, timer, date, weather (current and forecast) and if you want to sync it like I did, the text messages you get and what they say. It has Fitbit pay too but I am not up to speed on such technology since and unlike the US, the Canadian banks have been slow to adopt to date. No idea about the UK. My advice is to also stay up to speed with the new version upgrades, since the technology upgrades and features between fitness tracker versions is unreal. If anyone is a data hound, here's the online manual for the Fitbit Charge3 (US/Canada version)..
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