February Acquisitions


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I've picked up a few new razors: Wolfman WR1-SB Antique Bronze/Darwin, Wolfman WR2-DC/WRH7 Titanium, Gillette New on a Bob's Razor Works Bull Mastiff handle, Blackland Blackbird Machined, Asylum Evolution Black Oxide, and Asylum Evolution Machined. I probably will not keep all of them.


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Interesting mail call today, got back some razors that was sent for edge refreshing/honing , along with MK134 that was fully restored, sent it directly to restoration so firt time I got it in my hands , original scales will be preserved and it will get some custom ivory scales.
Also got to try beautiful ebonite brush with 30mm declaration knot. Yeah also arrived some old japanese strops , forgot to take picture of them.
I could get used to this kind of mail calls [emoji4]