Favourite Razor & blade pairing


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Hi everyone. Just a post to see which razor and blade pairing works best for you?. For me a feather in a Rockwell 6s works perfectly (The only razor so far I actually like a feather in!) Or the lowly Dorco St301which works in every slant I've tried so far.


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My personal favourite is the Rex ambassador on setting 6, loaded with a fresh polsilver, it doesn't get better for me, trumps timeless/charcoal/karve and any other high end razor & blade for my liking.

Best daily shaver is my weber head on my stork paladin handle, loaded with a gillette platinum (blue & white box) it's a buttery smooth combo for my daily whiskers.


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Some people find it aggressive, as it has positive blade exposure, but i find it spot on mate, i have sensitive skin, my facial hair isn't overly densely packed, but my stubbles like copper wire, so i get issues from time to time with less efficient razors and blades, my all time favourite blades are polsilvers, i find them nice and sharp, but not harsh.


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I really enjoy the Kai Stainless Steel or a Gillette Silver Blue in either my Blackland Blackbird OC or my Timeless Razor Titanium OC 0.68 mm.


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Despite having many razors, I only ever shave with my favourite DE razor. Gillette Rocket HD. Have a fascination with using a well built and perfectly functioning TTO razor that was born long before I was and yet will quite likely outlive me.

I usually like to pair it with NOS Gillette Super stainless spoilers (have 000's) or current production Gillette Platinum blades.
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