Fatip razor plating, anyone with recent experience?


Does anyone have recent experience with gold or black plated Fatips? I'm interested in getting a Fatip Gentile, but the Special Edition with SB ad OC baseplates plus the piccolo handle as it's just a bit more at Connaught. Have heard bad things about the Fatip gold and black plating back in the day and wanted to see if that's still true. If so, I might get a standard chrome Gentile


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No personal experience with the black plating (I have a nickel Piccolo) but from what I have read they changed the plating for the special edition so it is a bit more durable. Having said that, don't expect EJ/Muhle-level quality of plating on a Fatip.


Well, I took the plunge and ordered the SE. I'll report back if I have any problems, but think I'll be using it in rotation so hopefully not


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I have the Gold Fatip Grande and the top cap from the inside is really terrible.

The Qshave I have comparing with it, is a gem. No blemishes.

Is there a way of giving Fatip to someone who knows, and repaint it maybe, to be shiny gold as I like?