Fatboy repair


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I picked up a “damaged” F4 Fatboy today at a house clearance shop which has cleaned up nicely but the adjustment ring will not move at all?
In comparison to my F2 FB the adjustment ring is fractionally higher with a slightly bigger gap between the body and the ring.
It doesn’t look like it easily takes apart due to the lack of take down lugs on the bottom of the handle.
Any bright ideas please?


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The early ones had the screw off bottom retainer, I believe his has the crimped retainer. You have to punch it in to open the crimp.
At least it will be helpful to others who may have the screw off retainer cap models.



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Just try soaking it in hot water for some time. They are fool of gunk, soap, dirt, hair. If it softens up you just might get to turn it.


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You never came back with results!!! :mad:
I ended up with a very clean (after multiple dips in the ultrasonic cleaner) razor but although the adjustment ring twists nicely and clicks, does not adjust.
I did try and use the socket method to disassemble but gave up as I thought I’d break it completely.
I haven’t compared it to my other fatboy as to its gap for shaving but it makes a lovely display piece.


The inner part of the ring probably corroded and is stuck to each other. It rarely happens but it does happen from time to time.

It's a pin with a spring retainer on the end of it, the retainer is held in a groove by a crimp, the ring only has one part.