Facial scrub recommendations?

Paper Plane

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I’ve been using a Hawkins & Brimble elemi & ginseng scrub for a while and really like the effects it produces.

Any recommendations for other similar products worth trying?




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Slightly tangential, as face scrubs are typically too harsh for my skin, but I use CeraVe’s SA Smoothing Cleanser once or twice a week. It’s a gentle chemical (as opposed to mechanical) exfoliator. The rest of the week I wash my face with water morning and night and figure that running a sharp metal blade across half my face a few times a week is exfoliating enough!


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I seldom use one but when I do...it has usually been Creightons. The only time I use one is if I have cut myself. The next day I gently 'sand down' the surface so that I can reshave without drawing blood.

Northam Saint

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Another thing to think about with a scrub is what them scrubby bits are made of. If it’s plastic beads, forget it. It’s not something I use a lot of but from time to time I will. Generally when it’s coming from a grooming box. Face Wash I use one daily, at the moment it a L’Oréal one. Monday though i made the mistake of getting it in an eye. I know, I know it warns you, but for something that’s used close to your eyes it stung like hell !

Northam Saint

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There’s no need for the use of such an abrasive product as a scrub. In fact a dermatologist told an ex that a scrub should never be used. Just wet your face in the shower for a few minutes and rub your face with a flannel. It works perfectly well.
Nearly out of face wash and with no scrub left I have taken notice of this and went for Kiehl’s Face Fuel.
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Yeah, there is no need for facial scrubs as they are too harsh on the face.
I prefer to use chemical exfoliants.

Currently I'm using:
Paula's Choice 2% BHA twice per week
The Ordinary 30% AHA once per week (evening)
The Inkey List Kaolin Mask - once per week - I change this product up every time once I finish it.


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The Baxter of California one is very nice. No plastic beads, smells nice and works well. Also often on offer at Amazon for silly money
I second this. The Baxter’s scrub is the best I’ve used in ages. It was silly money on Amazon recent but has gone up a fair bit now unfortunately. Boots no. 7 energising scrubs normally is pretty good, as is their botanical one but I’m not sure if they still do it now.