Every Man Jack. New travel set-up, perhaps?


Forum GOD!
I just happened to see this item today at my local super food market in one of the clearance end caps. Passed by it and saw it for $10 for both a razor system and shave gel. Did my shopping and had it rattle around my head a bit and went back to it and decided for the money, it’s a win win. I had lost a pretty darn good razor before (Karve with C & D plates about 2 months ago on a business trip for a product install). Purchased it and said for the money, not a bad travel set. To be honest, it comes in a nicely packaged magnetic box with some nice info about the product and once I opened it up it looked pretty nice. Chromed with a nicely weighted razor handle, weighted razor stand and cartridges (4) that has I think 6 blades. Can’t say much about the shaving gel except for that it states it’s a naturally made product. I can’t read the ingredients list as the lettering is kind of smeared so, I just took a few pics to show the razor and shave gel. Looks good and I’d rather loose this than a pricey razor from my den. Might give it a go before throwing it in my travel bag and see how it performs. I’m sure it shaves ok and gives one a decent finish just like most cartridge systems do.

Has anyone else here had any experience with this particular razor from Every Man Jack? First time today that I noticed this brand and have no clue if they’ve been around for a while and how their products perform.