European vs US soaps


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I’ve been using mainly US based artisan soaps but see plenty of interesting European soaps (saponificio varesino, Martin de candle, Abbate Y La Mantia etc).

Whats a good place to start if you’re used to A&E, Grooming Department, Lothur, B&M?

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Definitely try Saponificio Varesino, indeed, although there are plenty of proper “artisans” as well in Europe - do have a look at Westman products, Pantarei shaving soaps, HAGS …


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There's a long established UK artisan - Phoenix & Beau. There's a couple of their soaps at Beard & Blade in Australia, Victoria or Tasmania, I think.
Connaught Shaving, here in the UK, has most in stock with good International shipping rates.
Not sure if you've tried already, but there's an excellent Australian brand called The Blue Devil Soap Co. based in Tasmania. Only uses essential oils for scenting.


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Saponificio Varesino (Italy), Wickham 1912 (UK), WestMan (Portugal), Lodrino (Spain), Fitjar (Norway), Van der Lovett (Netherlands), Haslinger (Austria).


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I'd recommend to try the Saponificio Varesino soaps. I had 4, but now keep 3.
My favorite scents are Mirto Di Sardegna and Opuntia.
Actually, all of them have excellent scents, some are strong, some not. And they have a pretty good quality.


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Most of the European soaps are not so strong scented like the US ones.
Also, their lather is lighter, not the "mud" like lather the US soaps do.

Martin de Candre is a great soap with basic scents, not so complex like the other ones.
Actually it is also cheap because it lasts forever!

Saponificio Varesino is also a great soap, more complex scented.
I have Felce aromatica, Tundra Arctica, Cosmo and I had Stella Alpina.
All of them unbelievable scents!
It is also triple mild and lasts.
Don't buy a brush from them though :D

From Spain I would prefer La Toja. Unbelievable scent (not the asl), for it's price it is a fair soap.
It costs something like 3€ the 50gr stick.
Also Jabon de Joserra, great soap if you pay attention to the formula, nice scents but, expensive (compared to the others)

Cella. If you like the almond scent, the red cella for it's price is a great soap.

Tabac. Great soap, the scent is love or hate.

There are also artisans, the oldest one which is in my top 3 soaps is Savon Mystere.
I have 14 different scents from him now. :laugh:
Signature soaps is another excellent artisan that hasn't been mentioned. Great performing and simply scented. His goats milk (Capra base) is outstanding. Very good value as well.