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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Nishy, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Nishy

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    Yep folks it's that time of year again. Time for another LE soap crafted by Manuel using his superb tallow based formula. The last LE saw the success of ATG Spring, a cologne type fragrance akin to Aqua Di Gio and Versace Man. This year we are looking to produce a strong fern/pine fougere type fragrance. I am aware that Manuel already has 'fougere' in the current lineup, this version will be a different profile.

    So the fougere were looking to produce, will be based loosely upon Badedas shower gel. This is an invigorating fern, pine and herb blend. Great to awaken the senses in the morning or equally relaxing when used in the evening. In addition to the standard Badedas type fragrance we will look to add a few prominent notes to help make this another truly individual and unique LE.

    Of recent I personally have noticed the trend of raised prices and not necessarily strong scented profiles/higher quality EO's, or major improvements in the base product. For this reason I am looking at a strong scent profile with a quality soap base to match.

    For those who are interested. Please add your name to the list below. The last LE was truly a success, unfortunately several members missed out so please make sure you have added your name below, if you require more than one please also state.

    Soap : 20 euros
    - Balm : 15 euros
    - Soap + Balm : 32 euros

    the shipping of soap or soap and balm costs € 9.30 for UK and € 12.85 for outside Europe

    Thank you again.

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  2. halvor

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    Provisional interest here. Figured I should give Badedas a sniff first, but signing up to be kept in the loop.

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  3. Thug

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    I haven't the foggiest what Badedas smells like but as Manuel's soaps perform exceptionally can sign me up.

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    Gents Badedas to my nose is a true fougere. It presents a strong fern and pine fragrance, which has woody as well as herbaceous notes. It isn't a sweet profile as you may recognise with the standard Eufros Fougere, it also doesn't contain mint. I honestly can't place this scent to anything I've bought or tried. It isn't a radox or Lush experience, it is more balanced than these two. We do have a badedas thread where by if in the UK it can be tried for a couple of quid. A really unique and prominent scent profile to my nose. How Manuel interprets this bouquet will be more apparent when testing samples.
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    New Jersey, USA
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    The Pine interests me, I'm in
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  14. Mr_Smartepants

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    I've never sniffed this "badass" shower gel but I guess I need to track some down.
    Pine? Count me out...for now.
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  15. Tomhstorey

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