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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Redd, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    No, me neither. I too never thought I would be writing a review on anything Erasmic. Never, never, ever! Like many who suffered the god-damn awfulness of the black-boxed shave stick, I swore I would never buy one of their products again...... well at least not until last Tuesday.

    I bought some of the cream, as evident from photo below - and so here (about bloody time you're thinking) is my review:

    The size of the tube is 75ml and the cost was £1.16 in Savers, but I also saw it for sale today in Body Care for £1.25.

    The consistency is something akin to Ingrams i.e. something like a thick balm or slightly runny toothpaste.
    My first go with it, I was clearly caught out by the flow and had too much on the brush, so I could have also lathered the dog. If we had one. Which we don't. Anyway, the point is that it lathered up like the front row of a Justin Bieber Concert.

    So how does it actually perform? Well, for those who like to use words like glide, cushion and slickness - you may be disappointed a little, as it doesn't particularly leave a slick feeling once you have made a pass, so I would be careful to re-apply before going over again those stubborn bits. That said, I have purposefully not used a balm for the 4 days I have used this and my skin has felt fine - no tightness, no residual greasiness, no irritation at all in fact.

    And so a verdict, one I have pondered over since this morning. Currently a 75ml tube of T&H will set you back between £9 -11. For me there is no question that T&H is overall higher quality, provides better skincare, scent etc... and Erasmic would not stop me from buying T&H again in future.

    However, if you want something cheap and cheerful and that works well - something that you could keep in your Dopp bag, take on over-nighters or holidays and not be too concerned about binning it unfinished, this could be right up your street.
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  2. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    An excellent review. Thank you for taking the time.

    I've seen this but as you rightly point out was put off by the black box stick edition, Next time I'm in the High street I'll pick one up and prep with a little pre-shave oil to give it that extra bit of glide and protection..
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  3. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    Most enjoyable review, Mick. Well written and down to earth honest.

    But where was your Irish Rose, Fireman's Hose, Hairy Toes?
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  4. Gairdner

    Gairdner Legendary Member

    Great Britain
    Quite like the stuff. Good for a quick, cheap shave and compares very favourably to many creams that are much more expensive. Given that the only reasonable use for the stick is throwing at wayward children (a half brick is free and more effective), the cream was a nice surprise for me. Almost as good as the mighty 'I'.
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  5. R181

    R181 Forum GOD!

    That about sums it up for me too. The shave cream is a yes and the stick is a pass.

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  6. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Lol that Bieber line got me. Great review.
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