Edwin Jagger/Muhle creams

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Dipesh, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Dipesh

    Dipesh Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Anyone used these on here?

    I've just this morning used the EJ cooling menthol.

    Great scent, cushion, glide and a lovely menthol finish.

    That's just a sentence based on one use so don't count it as a review, just wondered if anyone has used any of the creams?
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  2. LeeBot

    LeeBot Guru

    I've tried the Lime & Pomegranate - I agree with your comment on the performance and the smell was very pleasant to my nose.

    The balm's rather nice as well and lingers a while. I still got the odd whiff a couple of hours later.
  3. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Guru

    Montreal, Canada
    It’s a cracker of a cream! image.jpg
  4. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Local Men's store carries EJ products. I did use and like the Sandalwood and Limes (also two of my favorite scents). i always thought Edwin Jagger products were good values for the money. For Sandalwood, I liked the more expensive GFT better with the EJ being equal or slightly better than TOBS and DR Harris
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  5. God

    God Regular Member

    I got a free sample of the menthol once. And I sucks. It's dry and sticky and won't lather properly. Ditched the small sample after 2 or 3 uses.
  6. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Forum Clod!

    Rep. of Ireland
    I have the Muhle Aloe Vera, it’s ok but don’t intend to buy again. Better creams for the money out there.
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  7. RandySp

    RandySp ATG Official Member

    I think they are overpriced. Their refill soap is better and cheaper.

    I would go with some other creams instead of this one.
  8. tramal

    tramal Veteran

    1549469856826.jpg Quiet nice, but no RE-buy for me
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