Ear/nose hair trimmer recommendation


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Ha, whatever gives you a kick. Ripping those annoying b*stards clean out of my snout does it for me. Unlike ripping them out with a tweers (which will make your eyes water), there's no pain with the sugar wax... unless you don't check the temp of the wax before shoving it up the nostril.

Jump to 8:12 here -

That guy in the chair had been anaesthetised. I can't believe ripping the hair out doesn't hurt.


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I have two original copies of the the Dovo (shown in one of the first posts in this thread), not the best of all tools in my humble opinion but certainly way more effective than all the battery-operated ones out there.

What I actually use though is the pair of tweezers in my Dovo nail cutter set. Couldn't be happier.



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It's arrived. Spanish Inquisition springs to mind. This could do some damage, best be careful.


Trimming them is a waste of time... tried all them gadgets. I've said it once and I'll say it again... "sugar wax", nothing beats it for the nostrils, lifts the b*stards straight out and it I repeat "it doesn't hurt" no matter what anyone who hasn't tried it says!

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Sugar wax and Johnsons cottons buds... fantastic and extremely satisfying when you clear out the nostrils

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I'm interested in sugar waxing.
Where do you get it, can you use it on ears?
As I'm approaching fifty my superfluous hair is out of all reasonable control.


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Before using one of those battery operated thingymebobs, I used the 2 fingered method. :D