Review drake's bayrum


Forum GOD!
a new soap by DARWIN.
Price : price depends... there are shipping cost, container and quantity. This is not a cheap soap.
I took 100g for 27€. Shipping included.

I really love the Darwin / drake spirit.
I'm a DIY guy so I made my own bowl, my own after shave, my own bottle…. as I like.

Soap is fantastic! My better scent ever.
Be careful ! As soon as you smell it You will buy it!
It has a very addictive scent.
It's a dark bayrum.GOO

Vegan soap with duck fat..
Texture is more hard than other LPL.

For me it's a good soap. Like many other soaps.
Today we could find a lot of good soaps.
This drake's bayrum is a good soap, not the best protection (less than zingari for exemple)


Available here :

You gould have sample, soap n After shave!!

What about After shave? In few words, fine BUT... doesn't last long enough for me (sample tried). BUT... omg… so it smells good!
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