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  1. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    After some words of wisdom.

    We have two dogs, a Springer who’s 5, big Springer great off the lead dopey and gentle.

    And a 9 year old Jack Russell / Beagle cross, here’s the problem, he’s behaviour has never been fantastic, typical snappy terrier. As he’s getting older he’s turning grumpier and easily spooked. My first reaction was is his sight going, but clearly that’s not the case. Not that the bin has hurt him but he seems spooked by the kitchen bin. He’s nearly had the postman a few times to the degree we have to use a stair gate to stop him ripping the post out of posties hand and ripping it up. We’ve had him 7 years and he is getting worse recently. Even heard the postie shout “f’in” dog one day. We can’t give him toys as he shreads them, even toys mark indestructible don’t last a day.

    Earlier today he was after my attention so I gave him a smooth, this was while I painted our shed. Moving along I gentle went to move him, and he snapped catching my hand, not enough to make a mark. The two of them have started recently to have a growl and have had a couple of set to’s. The terrier coming off the worse due to the size of the Springer being too much for them. Separating them was an absolute nightmare. Two wounded dogs with a bit of blood spilt.

    Knee jerk reaction is one is going to have to go. Because of the Springer being the better, placid and non snappy one is that he stays. But the problem is as it stands we are the Terrier’s third home as it stands. Seems a shame but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk. It is typically over food so the only alternative is separate feeding areas. The spaniel is a greedy guts where the terrier isn’t bothered somedays, but doesn’t want the Springer to have it.

    Should add the terrier is castrated, but not the Springer. We mentioned this to the vets and she was of the opinion that at his age now it wouldn’t make any difference anyway. We mentioned it as the Springer whilst gentle and loving with us doesn’t back down against the terrier. I’m not so sure though, anyone know if the doggy snip on a dog of five works to calm them down ?

    Kids obviously are a little scared, I’m worried that whilst at the moment it appears to be food based thing, but what if it moves on. Yeah the terrier is a little sh!t but I still feel for him. But then again would he be happier somewhere else ? What to do ......what to do?
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  2. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    I am a dog LOVER.
    I've always said if any of my dogs became uncontrollable, aggressive or bit me or my wife/kids, simple, out the door...
    Our last Lab/Collie X was 10 and became extremely aggressive in his old age. He was ill, so it made the decision easier but we had him put to sleep.
    I would not have a dog in my house that I, the kids or the wife was scared of...
  3. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    Thing is he’s fit and healthy, this only seems to rear its head when there is food about. We’ve little history as he was a rescue dog and we get the feeling he may have at some stage been battered around a bit, he’s dead scared of newspapers and it’s certainly not down to us. He’s always been a bit grumpy and never liked the postie. We just get the feeling he’s getting grumpy with age.

    Biggest thing I suppose is I’d feel we had let him down if we put him in for rescue. He’s not quite at the stage where I think having him put to sleep would be right.

    Oh and the vets, well it took two to hold him down once for kennel cough, both got bitten and scratched.
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  4. Paul G

    Paul G Guru

    I would say the dynamics of the pack are changing as the terrier is getting older. I have had this before and speaking and going through some dog behavious training, I was advised to become the main part of the pack i.e eat first, go through door first etc. Then let the younger dog take the next place in feeding when putting bowls down/comkng through the door first. Let the the more dominant dog be that but still behind you and your family.
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  5. Rufusdog

    Rufusdog Forum GOD!

    I’ve had dogs all my life, but so far not one that became aggressive. My first reaction to what you are dealing with is that a consultation with a qualified dog trainer might help.
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  6. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    We think we will try total separate eating, any left overs being picked up before they are allowed near each other. It seems the food is the catalyst.

    If changing a few simple approaches then it’s going to have to be rehoming. Hate to do it though. I can also see it being difficult to get anyone to take him for rehoming if they know he’s a bit problematic.
  7. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    Someone we know has used a dog trainer / psychologist so that may also be an avenue.
  8. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Talk to your Vet about the issues
    - Doggie Prozac is common and friends have reported some good results
    - take Vet's advice

    Dogs are family and do what is best for both your dog and your human family. Happiness cannot be seen in medical tests - both humans and dogs.
  9. Mrchick

    Mrchick Handsome Avatar

    Middleton, ID, USA
    I would not have a dog that my children and the postman are afraid of. Biting me would have been the last straw. I would rehome him. You tried, but he has been a problem in three homes. He may never play well with others.
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  10. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Retro Razor Junkie

    A shock collar will work wonders on dog behavior. Some people feel they are inhumane. I point out that once they've been shocked a few times, they don't do the behavior that caused them to get shocked, and works a sight better than yelling.
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  11. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    Well this morning they are best of pals laying down together with the terrier using the spaniel as a pillow ! Terrier this morning sporting a slightly swollen face.

    Thanks for all the advice, still not too sure what to do.
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  12. MrK1

    MrK1 Forum GOD!

    Do you know if these are available in a size big enough for teenage boys?
  13. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Retro Razor Junkie

    I have an 18" neck. It fit fine. I always test shock collars on myself first. :)
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  14. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum GOD!

    Cumbria, England
    I would love to know which other websites you’re a member of. :wink:
  15. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Retro Razor Junkie

    The shave den
    The shaving room
    Skate log forum
    Keystone rv forums

    Why, were you expecting something kinky? I don't chat about my sex life on the web. :)

    ...though I suppose a knot tying forum could be interesting.
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