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I've seen a Ladies version of the DE too, but it uses the same defunct square blades as corn razors. In other words it's just a nice ornament now unfortunately


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Thanks guys. And superb set there @koenfucius, your Deluxe is in better condition than mine :thumbsup:

Unfortunately I don’t really know anything about the Darwin Hollow Ground razor you mention @ajc347 (and I forgot to mention this in my piece too...). It is a form of SE with built-in stropping device. This youtube video shows how it works. It seems to be a gorgeous mechanical piece, albeit somewhat overengineered...:confused:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USinSPATcj4

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I'd take the bumping story with a pinch of salt, it's about the price for a cased one in that condition.
taking you back to 2013 - here is the thread

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