Crown King scuttle

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by The Liquidator, May 19, 2017.

  1. The Liquidator

    The Liquidator Veteran

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for one of these, or similar, for a "China Wedding Anniversary", present.
    The only UK stockist I can find is out of stock.
    Can anyone help?...Thanks in advance.
  2. SweeneyTodd

    SweeneyTodd Veteran

    Silly Suffolk
    The only major UK maker and supplier of new ex-stock scuttles that I know of is Steve Woodhead,( but they're not too much like the CK, and I should think that even the smaller Woodheads are heavier. There is one UK maker on Etsy, but then again, that's dissimilar to the CK.
    The nearest in shape, and available in white and other colours, are by Korium in Germany. They're nicely made, but don't have a stopper, and are rather on the small side. As the CK doesn't have size measurements (height, inside and outside widths), it's a bit difficult to compare with others.
    I can personally recommend the Woodhead scuttles, and the medium model is £30 ex delivery, the same, near enough, to the £29.99 for the CK.
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  3. The Liquidator

    The Liquidator Veteran

    Thanks for that.
  4. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    I have a medium Woodhead scuttle and its brilliant, had it for almost 2 years now, even if I don't bowl lather I use it to pre-soak my brushes.
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