Creed aventus - wifely ambush

Discussion in 'Fragrance, Cologne and Scents' started by Hectorsgaf, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Beware guys. Mixture of wife's birthday and anniversary etc culminated in a trip into town with the intention of buying her something nice from some really knobby bra shop she likes. So we end up in HA Rods and Harvey Nicks etc etc. Well it has to be done, go and have a few free blasts on the Creed. What happens? End up light of 200 sovs on a Creed jasmine for HER. She had never heard of it before then. Again, an ageing male does his testicles having been robbed by a modern day female robin hood who actually takes from the not so rich and gives to herself!!± . Bloody lunch cost me a one'er as well!!! .

    May treat myself to some Club de nuit as second best.
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  2. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    Mine seems to be committed to emptying our accounts by buying baby clothes. Our unborn child has more outfits than I do! Fortunately, she’s pretty thrifty otherwise and more than earns her crust at work.
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  3. RandySp

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    Good to hear that. Well done to your wife for buying clothes to the baby! He/She need them.

    Now it's time to buy some soaps for you!!
  4. ronald

    ronald Senior Member

    Haha, it may hurt the wallet now but Creed fragrances last a LONG time. Because it's an eau de parfum rather than an eau de toilette, a little goes a long way.

    I still have a 120ml bottle of Royal Water from 2016 (before the changeover to 100ml bottles in early 2017) that has a decent amount left in it and I use a couple of sprays on most days. It hasn't lost its scent either.

    You save more in the long run spending £200 for something that can last 2+ years compared to some popular eau de toilettes in the ~£70-80/100ml range that are used up faster, need to be replaced more frequently and frankly don't compare to the uniqueness and quality of Creed scents in general.

  5. Understood and agreed.
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Forum Sod

    Tut,tut my friend, you need to take a leaf out of the Northerners book of marital harmony. Mine would have got an M&S Bra and a bottle of Charlie then I'd have treated her to a couple of steaks for her to cook for our tea total cost around £30 which up North is about half a weeks wages.
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