Completed Complete: Barbaros Rocnel Adjustable Pass Around


The bad news first: This pass around is by invitation only. Sorry.

We'll have a quick pass around of the upcoming Barbaros Rocnel adjustable razor.

Hasan (aka @theunnamed) from ↪Barbaros razors has kindly agreed to give a prototype Barbaros Rocnel adjustable razor for testing. We only have the razor for a very limited time. This pass around has mainly the purpose to give Hasan thorough and fast feedback about the prototype razor while giving the rest of the world an idea what to expect. For that reason the pass around is limited to five people and it is by invitation only. Sorry, but there was no other way to organise this.
Please be aware that this is a prototype. There are some minor issues with the razor that Barbaros and Rocnel are aware of and that will be addressed in the production version. For example, there will a smaller or no logo at all on the top cap.
The pass around will take place across two forums ↪ATG and ↪TSR. I'll make sure readers from either forum will have links or copies of reviews from both forums.
The razor is currently on its way from Turkey to the UK. Expect to see reports about this interesting razor soon from the following people:
  • sɐǝɹpu∀ / riverrun (ATG/TSR)
  • Rowlers (ATG)
  • Nishy (ATG)
  • Bechet (TSR)
  • Nico1970 (ATG)
The list is closed.
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