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Hi everyone. Is cella any good? Never tried it and was wondering. I see it can be had for fairly inexpensive so wanted opinions please.
It's ok, everyone should try some and it's cheap as chips! I prefer Boellis Panama 1924, wonderful stuff but it costs a little more! P.
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I found it ok, above the average, nice smell though. For the money absolutely ok.
But performancewise I found Valobra Crema Di Sapone Purissima or as mentioned above Boellis Panama 1924 better.
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For the money, Vitos Extra Cocco is great with a similar smell. Far better post-shave for me as I found Cella to be drying.


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I like Cella, I think the performance is superb and the post shave is excellent as well. The scent however is something I found ok if used occasionally, but if used for a few days in a row or more I found it to be a little sickly.

I think it's one of the many excellent Italian croaps out there, but I put Vitos Red Coco to have a slight edge, which I personally would recommend buying as the tallow version is being replaced with a vegan alternative.


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It's good enough, but I prefer Vitos; possibly because the latter is (currently) a tallow-based soap.

Whether Cella or Vitos, I find that both seem to last an eternity, and well-beyond the rather fatuous "use by" period.


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I may have had a bad first experience with Cella that put me off a bit. The scent smelt like something had gone off so not a pleasant almond scent for me. The Boellis Panama 1924 was much better in performance and scent was to me a very pleasing almond.

Vitos soft soap performs better for me...but Cella is a classic shaving product that everyone should try...the scent is strong Almond/Marzipan.
Just be aware there is a cream (in the red pot) and the soft soap in a cardboard box. The soft soap is much better IMHO.


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I can't deal with the scents of Tabac, Cella or Arko. Arko is the least offensive. Cella is just marzipan. Ok if you like that, I suppose.