CBD Oil - Anybody use it?

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Training' started by Hectorsgaf, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Pushing 60 and managing ongoing joint pain in general but shoulder and knees in particular. Had ops in past etc but know many who now swear by this to reduce pain ( amongst other things that do not really bother me. ) Anybody?
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    I think the question of taking CBD oil as an analgesic is a difficult one.

    A lot of places selling it would have you believe that it is a completely safe and effective treatment with no side effects or interactions with other medications or herbal remedies etc.

    I personally wouldn’t use it until such time as some clear data is available as to clinical safety, side effects and interactions.

    I can remember the problems that occurred with St John’s Wort around 20 years ago when people started to realise that a substance that was marketed as being side effect and interaction free because it was ‘natural’ (and, therefore, couldn’t do any harm etc), was, in-fact, far from inert and was causing a multitude of quite significant and serious issues for people taking it.

    I strongly suspect that a similar picture will emerge with CBD over time.

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  3. Understand where you are coming from Andy and thank you.
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  4. Benz3ne

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    The classic example for a lack of understanding with respect to chemical innovation has to be asbestos. Still causing havoc to this day with people who were unaware of the effects that it can have on the lungs.
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  5. Conservator

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    A good friend of mine is 60+ years old and overweight. He has been having problems with his knees for a few years. Last year he began taking CBD oil but his product is in the form of a rub. He claims it has worked for him. He suffers from arthritis. His physician recommended he try the oil.

    Another individual I know also took CBD oil but it did not improve his condition.
  6. oscsha

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    you also have to take into account the huge placebo affect of these hyped up products .
  7. Well - a couple of weeks in and and, placebo effect or not, I am still aware that my knees are not great BUT - 95% of the day to day pain has gone. Walking well and far much to the dog's delight. More scans to come and Consultant again in a couple of weeks. I think physio has its place but not for me with the knees and, god forbid, I have tried. Physio on a torn shoulder HAS helped ; it has its place but it will NEVER repair something that needs repairing imho. VERY impressed with the oil though. I am 59, not stupid ( :wink:) and have been through the mill over the years with ops on joints etc. Rugby days are over. I recommend this gear even at this early stage . Start low, go slow they say. Just sharing. Don't knock it guys / gals until you have tried it. ( and hopefully you do not have to ).
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  8. ScOtt

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    I've been thinking of giving this ago.
    Im a bricklayer and have tennis elbow in my trowel hand, had it for about 8months now. Starting to get me down. The pain is unbearable at times.

    Not sure if the rub would be better for me
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  9. Nishy

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    What would concern me as with all types of pain relief products, is the fact they usually should only be used short term and users have a tendency to cause further damage if used long term. The body itself uses pain as a warning mechanism to alert an individual as to damage or strain. Masking this pain, can further damage or strain the problem area. It is a hard one, live with the pain, or use pain relief. Unfortunately healing is the hardest or longest procedure if applicable and most people opt for short term relief.
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    Full disclosure: I sell CBD products online. But the reason I do so is because it has helped me so much. I have had full pain relief in my hip from using a topical. Sublingual oil and gummies help me sleep. Also use gummies for stress relief. Yes, there can be drug interactions. I recommend the Grapefruit Test to determine if CBD will interfere with medication you are taking. There are medications that can be prescribed that do not mix with grapefruit or grapefruit juice. These same medications can conflict with CBD. Ask your doctor if you can eat grapefruit. I have a ton of info on my website. www.enliveencbdstore.com. Go to “information” and click on Blog, Infographics, or FAQs. Or listen to my podcast from the menu bar. I also have educational videos.

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  11. ajc347

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    Thank you for posting this up and welcome to the forum.

    What you’ve said regarding grapefruit is really helpful as it would suggest that CBD oil acts as a potent Cytochrome P450 3A4 inhibitor.

    I would not, therefore, advise anyone take it without discussion with either their prescriber and / or pharmacist (ideally both), as it’s likely to have potentially problematic interactions with a significant number of other medications.

    It’s not so much a question of whether someone can eat grapefruit or not with other medications that may be prescribed to them (that should already have been explained to the person before they were prescribed the medication itself and will also be included in the patient information leaflet that is supplied with the medication), but more of an issue as to what potential harm that a person could be unwittingly doing to themselves without checking that it’s safe to take CBD first.

    From the information you’ve provided (both above and on your website), I would suggest that the advice you should be giving is to avoid eating grapefruits or drinking grapefruit juice whilst taking CBD, as well as providing an understanding as to exactly what other medications it can interact with.

    EDIT: I’ve just found this article which may be of some use to people considering taking CBD.

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  12. EnLiveEn

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    Project CBD (who posted that article) is a phenomenal source regarding anything to do with Cannabis. Thank you for sharing that link. The detail is even better than anything else I’ve read and I should have thought to look on their site. I really appreciate your comments to my post.

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  13. FaTist

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    From Colorado here with 20+ years since i broke my back and got nerve damage. CBD absolutely makes a difference. Only problem is getting a reliable product. Oil, patches, chews/edibles, loose leaf,.... no shortage of options, then there is the manufactures- even more options.

    when you get a good product that works for you it can really help with arthritis and nerve pain/damage. it just kind of reduces other general pain. i also get much improved sleep which has been a problem for me (feels like i get 3-6 half hour naps through the night normally, only wake up 2-3 times when taking CBD and much more restful) it helps to get a little THC (2mg)in there too, not enough to make you loopy, but it helps the CBD work.
  14. Much hype around this and also suspicion. Add to that the multitude of people having positive things to say about it combined with a hitherto unregulated product which may therefore not officially claim medicinal properties etc etc, then you have a warm breeding ground for scepticism but more worryingly those who seek to exploit anything which may be good about it especially financially. Way of the world The key is research and stick to a reliable supplier. Holland and Barrett are by no means the best but if they are happy on the open market then that is a good start point. They are also not at all bad. Their supplier is good . They are just expensive in comparison. Start low, go slow is the key.

    Add to that I have had a physio appt today. Long story but dropped in that this has helped me no end and that pain in both knees has almost disappeared. New year I could barely walk on one of them.. Discussed placebo effect etc. Physio, understandably would not commit but did day his mum uses it and swears by it!! Bless. :wink: .

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  15. Been back to the consultant. Significant tears in both knees . ( Shoulder responding to physio so I have called a draw. ). Pain still gone though. HIS advise as a consultant was keep taking the oil. No further ops. OK, I am not stupid and realise that I am a statistic BUT, just logged on to my Patient access account to find that he has only documented the oil and recommended that I carry on with it. Good man for committing to paper something that is not medically recognised officially because the 'peanut regulators' will not allow it.
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