Carbon Shaving Co. Model Cx-316L Now Available


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Funny how things change. I sold my SS head/Ti handled razor as I thought it was too light. Then the Aluminium Karve came along, even lighter, and it's currently my favourite DE. All Ti Cx en route.....interesting times ahead.


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Looks like sold out - credit card back in wallet. Two outstanding features of the SS Carbon Cx were balance and maneuverability - guessing they will remain in the Ti version.


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In my last 2 shaves I did side by sides of my new Carbon Cx Ti vs the Diamondback Yesterday was the all Ti Cx and just now was the Ti with the ++ baseplate. I wanted to talk about the 2 Carbon razors here. Adding the SS baseplate made no difference in perceivable weight and the shave feel was very similar in smoothness and blade feel. The SS ++ baseplate had a little louder audio feedback and definitely was a step up in efficiency without taking away any smoothness. I really like this new step up in efficiency and look forward to making it part of my regular rotation.
The Titanium razors fit and finish is excellent and looks nicer than my basic finished Wolfman Ti WR2 I have.. when the ++ baseplate is available in Ti I am definitely getting it. I can definitely use it as a daily driver and with the bumped up efficiency I can just do a 2 pass shave. Great job Sean these new baseplate designs are an excellent edition to a great razor. I hope you continue to make the razor in Titanium as it is very light but well balanced and stronger than aluminum