Pass Around Carbon CX-316L and new handles.


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Four shaves in with the original SS handle and a Gillette Rubie and, at the half way point, I’ve switched to the newer handles and a Rapira Stainless blade.

It’s been really interesting so far and my thoughts are beginning to crystallise.


Forum GOD!
Thank you for a very much appreciated opportunity to try the Carbon CX-316L with a few choices of handle. I didn’t use the soap samples or the blades but I did enjoy all three handles across several shaves.

My two blades were a Gillette Rubie and a Rapira Stainless. I used the same brush and aftershave routine across all seven shaves but changed the soap on each occasion.

My major reference point is a Gillette Hybrid Tech head on a UFO steel handle. I have used this razor for the vast majority of my shaves for well over a year now. Of modern ‘niche’ DE razors, I have experience with Weber, Timeless, Wolfman, Feather and Blackland.

First and foremost, I would place the Carbon as among the best of the modern DE razors that I’ve owned and used. My perceptions of the razor echo the sentiments of most other commentators; it's very easy to use, deceptively ‘efficient’ and it’s elicited comfortable, close shaves on every use with no hint of irritation.

The problem is, it’s not actually as good as my favourite razors - practically, aesthetically or sentimentally. I have really enjoyed this pass around because it has been another exercise in confirming that which I already know: I already have the set-up that works best for me. There’s something calming about that fact.