Pass Around Carbon CX-316L and new handles.


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Another great opportunity to try a highly regarded razor. Along with several new handles, hopefully to be released next week. Carbon Shaving CX-316L (
2 identical units will be offered for a pass around on ATG. Photos of the razor and new handles will hopefully be added to this thread next week. Members thoughts and opinions can be found here:

Usual rules apply. Please post the razor via signed for special delivery, owner should be in a position to cover any cost should the razor be lost or damaged. Try and send the razor to the next participant promptly and most of all enjoy! A short review of your experiences would also be gratefully received.

This is not secluded to UK only members, however to keep postage costs to a minimum, the user list may need to be modified. This passaround is open to full members only (members with access to BST).

On completion (pass around) the razor will be raffled with the proceeds going to a charity of our choice.

Please copy and paste to add your name below:
1. Nishy