Broman razor


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Not bad for £25 I suppose. Lots of fully SS artisan razors end up getting poor receptions so it will make a change to get one for such low price. It looks like it takes normal snapped DE blades.


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At three shaves a blade I wonder what blades will cost. Als, are the blades proprietary or can other type SEblades be used?
It will take any half DE blade. I don't know why rhey call it SE... it is just a normal DE blade brake it on half

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The pivot could be nice on it and I like the loading mechanism.
I had been briefly tempted, but I have doubts about the design. There don't seem to be any lather channels or holes. The chap in the video seems already shaven (maybe I'd missed something, though) and it could be just the plastic front of the head that's removing the lather.


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it's certainly an interesting concept...definitely be cheaper than replacement cartridge razors & don't think the chap int he video is already shaven, just looking very clean shaven.
Had nearly 50 backers so far...think I'll be giving it a go