Bringing aftershaves from the US to Europe


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Hello everyone,

My in-laws are currently in the US and will fly back to Europe in a couple of weeks.

I was thinking of asking them to bring me some aftershaves from the US. Does anyone know if aftershaves containing alcohol are permitted in commercial flights? I assume they'd have to be put in the main suitcase obviously.

If anyone has good insight on this, I'd be grateful to hear from them.



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Knock yourself out. I once carried 7 aftershave lotions for friends back home, from Germany. 5 Pitralons and 2 Speicks. Gotta take advantage of the situation :wink:


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Oh that's great to know, last time I visited home I wasn't sure of where the limit was so was worded the during the flight.

I did do a great job of bubble wrapping the hell out of my purchases though!